Born in Italy, Peracas is inspired by romantic, sophisticated women who inherit their style from past and carry it today with elegance. The designs take inspiration from Boboli Gardens to Renaissance paintings, from Mother Nature to infinite seas. All pieces in the collection are a reflection of a story in the past, a figure in a Botticelli painting or the enchanting beauty of a Greek Goddess. 

Every single piece has its own story and are all created by hand in collaboration with wonderful artisans in Milan using semi-precious stones and Swarovksi crystals. All pieces are unique and different from one another. 

Peracas is a secret garden, it smells of lilies and big beautiful roses. Surrounded by giant trees, you can see big hydrangeas popping all over. The Silence from Beethoven is playing softly while a small beam touches your face from the golden sunset. 

Enjoy every single piece. With love, Peracas

Peracas, 2019